Download Source Code Comic Reader App Part 1 Backend Programming

Hello everyone, I’ll share code comic reader part 1 backend programming. Part 1 use backend with Node JS and MySQL. I have finished writing the code. You can see at the tutorial on youtube channel EDMTDev, I am here only sharing  the Backend Programming code and other codes, you can wait after I finish it. I hope you enjoy to visiting my site and my channel. You can see I have completed this part like the proof above.

Click here to see the tutorial Android Tutorial-Comic Reader App Part 1 Backend Programming and Load Banner

If you want to the program code, how to :

  • Follow Instagram -> ivanjul_com
  • Subscribe to youtube channel -> ivanjul_com
  • After that, screenshot of evidence has been followed and subscribed
  • Send the screenshot proof to WhatsApp -> in here
  • I will send a link the program code on WhatsApp

Note: Cannot stop following and unsubscribe.
Continuing to see post updates on Instagram and YouTube ivanjul_com, I will share the code for the OpenCV and Android programs for free.

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