Download Source Code Comic Reader App Part 1 Load Banner

After the previous post I shared the program code for the backend using Node JS and Mysql, now I will share the code for the studio’s android project, namely Load Banner. You can see the proof as above that this application is running well as in the EDMTDEV tutorial. Keep visiting my website to get the android program code for free.

 Click here to see the tutorial Android Tutorial-Comic Reader App Part 1 Backend Programming and Load Banner

If you want to the program code, how to :

  • Follow Instagram -> ivanjul_com
  • Subscribe to youtube channel -> ivanjul_com
  • After that, screenshot of evidence has been followed and subscribed
  • Send the screenshot proof to WhatsApp -> in here
  • I will send a link the program code on WhatsApp

Note: Cannot stop following and unsubscribe.
Continuing to see post updates on Instagram and YouTube ivanjul_com, I will share the code for the OpenCV and Android programs for free.

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